They Are Polishing Dirt Balls To Perfection, And The Result Will Blow You Away

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The making of ‘dorodango‘ is a conventional pastime for Japanese schoolchildren, that has grown into an artwork kind in its personal proper. The dodorango is definitely a ball constructed from mud and filth, and now individuals are painstakingly and methodically refining these balls into “hikaru dorodango” (actually: ‘shiny dumpling’), excellent, polished spheres that may take days to finish.

The method is meditative and deeply satisfying, and is seen by many as the first motivation for the artwork. Layer upon layer of superb filth is utilized to the mud core, forming a tough outer shell. That is then polished with a material to offer the dorodango an look much like that of a snooker ball, completely spherical and glossy to an unbelievable diploma. How can easy filth change into so lustrous?


It’s possible you’ll bear in mind a earlier submit a couple of craze in Japan the place folks had been creating excellent spheres from aluminium foil. This was clearly impressed by the traditional approach of creating dorodango. Whereas in America children are consuming Tide Pods and poisoning themselves, Japanese children study the worth of endurance and perfection from fixed refinement, by creating these superbly easy items of artwork.

Making dorodango was principally a forgotten pastime till lately, when professor Fumio Kayo, a psychologist who makes a speciality of kids’s play, made it fashionable once more in Japan and worldwide. Bruce Gardner has change into a grasp of the artwork, and experiments with the various completely different soils he finds round Albuquerque, New Mexico. You may see how he does it within the video under, and it’ll make you wish to attempt it your self!

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