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In a world brimming with opportunities for greatness and success comes challenges big and small. One has to constantly prove that he or she is just as good and deserving as everybody else. This is why shows like The Voice Kids make great avenues for young hopefuls fighting for a chance to rise. In the blind audition series, the judges and the crowd were wowed by the singing voice of a striking brunette named Nikki.

She walked onstage with a bright smile on her face holding an acoustic guitar. The beautiful young girl didn’t seem at all nervous. Her acoustic version of Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child of Mine” was definitely an act no one was expecting. You’d think she would launch into her own rendition of a country song or a popular ballad, but her pick coupled with her clear and unique singing voice, resulted in a seemingly effortless performance, one unlike any other.

In The Voice Kids, the judges are seated with their backs turned to the stage. The young artists auditioning will know they can move to the next round if all the judges press a red button that will cause their chairs to swivel, allowing them to face the stage. This is perhaps the most crucial moment on the show – waiting to see which of the judges push the button first and if all of them will eventually face the contestant and send him or her to the next round. In this episode, more than half the panel of judges turned to face Nikki and show her their approval of her extraordinary performance. We’re pretty sure her version of the popular rock song would have the members of Guns N’ Roses raving too.

Nikki’s family watched her from backstage, and the camera captured each member grinning from ear to ear. Their hearts must have been filled with so much pride and joy because some of them were teary-eyed throughout her performance. Armed with poise, confidence, and talent, Nikki definitely wowed everybody in the studio.

Having people believe in you will inspire you to keep your head held high and give it your all. The young singer is proof that a positive attitude and unwavering confidence is more than enough.

Nikki is definitely the perfect example of how courage makes one unstoppable.